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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase

1.1 Anyone before making a purchase would check whether the product is available in the store or not? To help you out with the searching of the products. We allow users to access various filters and search bars of the store to reach the asking product.

1.2 Once you visit our e-store you’ll find a “Search Products Here” section where you can search for the product you’re seeking to purchase. 

1.3 Besides that section you may see the product categories where one can easily filter the type of product. Either you can proceed with “Offer Zone”, “Shop By Brands”, and more.

1.4 After finding the asking product you can add it to “My Cart”. My Cart works like a shopping trolly for you. You can easily add or remove the product at your convenience.

1.5 As soon as you finished your shopping, go to “My Cart” click on the option “Check Out”.

1.6 Fill in the necessary information as asked, this information is deduced by us to carry out a safe and secure shopping of the products. You’ve to fill in information like email address, contact number, address (where the product is expected to be shipped), and the payment methods.

1.7 Edit “My Cart” option is available until you proceed further with the payment details, after which you can’t edit your cart, thus you’ve to repeat the process. Finally, make payment and the product will be on your way.

  • Prices, Payment, & Currencies

2.1 Prices posted on the site are fixed, thus any kind of change is not applicable. All the prices posted on the site will be shown in Indian Rupee.

2.2 The posted prices exclude shipping charges but taxes and other charges are included in it. In case if there is a change in taxes or charges of the products you’ll get notified on the site itself before the payment transaction is carried out.

2.3 For payment we accept net banking, cheques, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and Cash On Delivery (COD). For foreign currencies, one can use third-party services like PayPal, Shopify payments, and more. (Do Note: EMIs are not available in our store)

2.4 To gather information regarding the currency exchange or different location transactions, you can refer to point 4.4 in the privacy policy.

2.5 If your bank refuses the payment, any other issues arose during the transactions, or declination of the payment is done for any other reason then the merchant will cancel the placed order immediately. 

  • Tax Charges

 3.1 The necessary taxes are added to the price posted with compliance to the tax department. Thus, the price shown on the website includes taxes and its charges.

3.2 After the product is delivered to you, you solely will be responsible for any export/import duty, taxes, or other incidental charges of the delivery.

3.3 Buyer and Merchant are supposed to comply with the Income Tax Act while making a purchase or deal. Also, they must comply with the necessary Import & Export policy of the respective jurisdiction for a clear and transparent deal.

  • Easy Replacement

4.1 Dealclear offers easy replacement for all products sold on, under certain conditions which are mentioned below.

4.2 Customers will notify us of any damage or defect within 72 hours from the date of receipt of delivery of the products.

4.3 In case of transit damages, the issue has to be reported within 48 hours, after which we may not be able to accept the complaint.

4.4 We may ask you to share the images of the product and the internal & external packaging material.

4.5Once we agree to replace, the defective/damaged product will be replaced with a brand new product at no extra cost.

4.6 In case a customer fails to inform Deal Clear within the stipulated time frame, reserves the right to accept or reject such a request at its discretion.

4.7 will try to replace the specific product ordered. However, the company reserves the right to offer an alternate product in case the product is Out of Stock or Discontinued by the manufacturer.

4.8 The replacement guarantee is valid only in cases of manufacturing defects and transport damages.

4.9 Damages due to normal wear & tear and negligence on part of the customer or Digital content such as e-books is not returnable at all.

  • Special Offer, Shipping Promotions, & Promotional Codes

5.1 Dealclear is an e-store that frequently keeps promoting offers and promotional codes to its consumers. In addition, we also have an offer zone from where one can acquire information regarding the products that are on offer currently.

5.2 Shipping of products has a mandatory minimum threshold charge. Though, you may get offers regarding “free shipping” or “minimizing shipping costs”.

5.3 Some promotional codes and special offers may reduce the posted price on the website for a limited time.

5.4 Note: Once you've used the code you’ll not be eligible to use it again. Also, after the special offer period ends the price will come back to the original immediately.

  • Description

6.1 During the posting of any product, we ensure to upload accurate pictures and descriptions of the product for a better understanding of the viewer/visitor. 

6.2 However, these feature images are for illustrative purposes. We never fake and endeavour for an accurate description as we believe in “Trust what you see”. 

6.3 For any reason, if we do not have the exact product images and descriptions we try to post images and descriptions that are more closely accurate to the real product.

6.4 The information written on the behalf of the product is solely for guiding and letting you know about the features of the product, so don’t rely upon it blindly. 

  • Customer Services, Privacy, & Feedback

7.1 Dealclear management team aims for enhancing the customer experience while visiting our site, also we endorse providing our customers with the best possible services. If you have any concerns or queries or opt to communicate with us for any specific reason, do not hesitate at all. We are just a call away from you, you can contact us any time for any query on +91-8851354587.

7.2 The management team will answer your queries as soon as possible within the working days of the company. So don’t panic either, stay calm and be patient until we reach you.

7.3 Customer privacy is a vital asset for our company. Therefore, unsolicited or disclosing your contact details with other companies or organizations is strictly observed.

7.4 Our company might send you information about new products and offers via email marketing or any other means of marketing, and no third party is involved throughout the procedure.

7.5 If you’re not interested in receiving product updates or offers then please let us know via email itself.

7.6 Customer feedback: Any comments are always welcome, your feedback helps us in improving and enhancing our services for you. Achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, thus if you feel our offers and services don't meet your expectations, let us know! 

  • Additional Terms & Conditions

8.1 Registration/Creation Of Profile: One must register with accurate information only to make sure you aren’t making a fake profile or registering others on behalf of you this will be counted as an illegal activity.

8.2 Eligibility Criteria: The buyer must be above 18 years or old, as the age below it is considered to be minor. If you fake the information this may be a drawback for you at the time of verification and could lead to penalties.

8.3 Electronic Communication: Do note you’re connecting/communicating with us via means of electronic communication, thus as per your consent we’ll also be communicating with you electronically. Our communication includes notifying you of the ongoing deals, offers, updates, or product launches. This communication can either take place via email or site updates.

8.4 User obligations:

8.4.1 Ensure you’re not using any “robot”, “spider”, “internal-linking”, or automatic device, algorithm, or methodology with the aspect to access, copy, or monitor any portion, context, or image of our store. We have our right to ban you if such activities are noticed by our security crew.

8.4.2 Do not attempt to access unauthorized portions in any case.

8.4.3 Reproducing a new platform using our content and features will be punishable.

8.4.4 You must not transfer your account details to any third party until and unless you reserve rights for the same.

8.4.5 Any violating comments, sexual context, religious hatred actions, inappropriate manner, or illegal personal information from anyone is strictly prohibited.

8.5 Disclosure: We’ll disclose your personal information If we are asked by the “Law” to due to any criminal purposes, violation in our Terms Of Use (User obligations), or under any other circumstances.

For further queries please visit contact or email us at [email protected] or call/ WhatsApp us at +91-8851354587.


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