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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • User Data

1.1 While making a purchase of any product from our store, we collect your info like your name, address, contact number, and email address, as a part of the buying and selling process. 

1.2 As soon as you visit our store, our system automatically acquires your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address). We take this step to provide you a friendly system as per your browser and operating system.

1.3 The email address you share with us is further used for Email Marketing, therefore we can notify you regarding our store updates and new products. You don’t have to bother much as we’ll send an email to you after getting your permission.

1.4 You might get prohibited if you enroll wrong information with us i.e. using another person's identity. As signing up and verifying is carried out with accurate and precise information of the customer which we keep private from other users and authorities.

  • User Authorization

2.1 When you disclose your information with us, you consent to collect and use that information for company use. 

2.2 Also, when you disclose information like place of order, arrangement for purchase or return, verifying of credit/debit card details, you authorize us to collect it for the use of that specific reason. (Note: Data of your credit/debit card is collected temporarily)

2.3 Providing the above-mentioned information is a must, besides if we ask for information for secondary aspects like marketing, we’ll often ask you with a YES or NO option.

2.4 The User’s authorized information is very important from the view of the Company. We clearly understand the information you provide is an important asset. We ensure User Authorized Data is protected by physical and technical measures.

2.5 Still you feel like withdrawing your consent which means you withdraw your data for us to contact you, to reach you, or disclose your information you can contact our Policy Team anytime.

2.6 Also, if you disagree regarding your information to be shared with us, please do not make any kind of purchase from us.

2.7 Disclosure: In case of any violation in our Terms Of Service or other, we may disclose your authorized data if we are supposed to do so by the “LAW”.

  • Age Eligibility

3.1 The user visiting our store must be of the age of majority in state or province of residence i.e. 18 years of age or older. 

3.2 If any fake information is provided by the user the company will not be liable as per the law of the country. The guardian of the user shall be liable for any consequences.

3.3 In case a minor using wrong information would lose access to our store or any third party liability arises.

  • Third-Party Services

4.1 Generally, we authorize your information and provide it to third parties to extend necessities just to allow them to accomplish the services that they provide to us.

4.2 Mainly, the third-party service providers such as payment gateway or other payment transaction processors, comply with their separate privacy policy. Our company goes through it concerning providing them the necessities for purchase-related transactions.

4.3 Additionally, one can go through their privacy policy too, so that you know and understand how your data is handled by these third-party service providers.

4.4 In case of a different jurisdiction, if you elect to proceed with a transaction involving third-party services located in another jurisdiction than you or us, your information may become subject to the laws of the jurisdiction. For instance, if you're making a purchase from Washington DC which is further processed by a payment gateway located in Canada, then your personal information used for completing the transaction may become subject to disclosure of the Canada Jurisdiction.

4.5 At the moment you’re being redirected to a third-party site or application you’ll no longer be part of our store at that instant. Therefore, you may be governed by the privacy policy of third-party services, not us.

4.6 The relevant third party in collaboration with us will carry out your transaction and provide you and us with a legal receipt that will be further used to complete the selling and buying procedure. 

4.7 The payment gateway supports payments through credit/debit cards, mobile wallet payments, UPI payment, and payment method by cash too. However, addition or removal, or suspension can be made by the third-party service provider if the bank rejects the payment.

4.8 Do note if your transaction:

  • Declines due to exceeding limit between you and bank
  • Lack of authorization of the transaction
  • Other payment issues

                The company will not be responsible whatsoever concerning loss or gain. Either you

                can contact the payment gateway or your bank for the same.

  • Cookies

5.1 As a part of web browsing, accepting cookies helps us to provide our consumers with the best facilities for e-store visits.

5.2 The cookies used by our Company are safe and can only take action after your consent. Our site asks you to either accept or decline the cookies. However, some browsers accept all cookies automatically, if you want to prohibit this you can modify your browser settings.

5.3 Cookies lets our site remember you, your logins, shopping carts, and more. It even tracks how you have found our site. 

  • Security

6.1 Our company takes reasonable precautions regarding protecting your personal information. To do so, we follow the best practices and ensure that your data is not lost, misused, accessed, destroyed, altered, or disclosed. 

6.2 Additionally, safeguarding the personal information of our users with the help of standard security processes is what we aim for! We comply with every applicable privacy law.

6.3 Some intuitive information like details of credit/debit card is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored. No other system is as secure as SSL. Although, this data gets decrypted and discarded when not needed longer for the company use.

6.4 Take note, details of credit/debit cards are not stored on the internet nor our computers.

  • Updates/Changes In The Policy

7.1 The company has the right to update or edit the privacy policy at any time. 

7.2 Any updates/changes made would be updated frequently on the site, if we change any point in the policy or there is any kind of update we’ll notify you.

7.3 This makes you aware of the information like how we use it, how we implement it, and under what circumstances we use/disclose it.

7.4 It is recommended to be in line with the updates of the privacy policy as they are effective after the moment of posting on the website/store.

7.5 In case our company gets merged with another company, the information you’ve shared so far may get transferred/shared with the new owners if any. This is done to continue the selling of new products to you.

For further queries please visit or email us at [email protected] or call/ WhatsApp us at +91 88510 02736.


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